Doukhobors - Spirit Wrestlers

Grant, O Lord

This performance is by a group of Doukhobor Sunday-school children. Stesha Davidoff recites the psalm.

This prayerful psalm (attributed to Doukhobor leader Peter "the Lordly" Verigin [1859-1924]) is taught to most Doukhobor children at Sunday school. A mixture of chant and recitative, an entire Doukhobor psalm can take a long time to sing. Today's practice is for the group to sing only the first sentence; one member of the group then recites the whole psalm.

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[SPOKEN] Lord, give us Thy blessing.

[SUNG] Grant, O Lord,
A benevolent heart to our father and mother.
If grandfather and grandmother are still living,
Our father and mother must be kind to them,
Must never hurt them with words,
And should provide them with food and warm sleeping quarters.

If grandfather and grandmother have already passed away,
Our father and mother should remember them with kind words.
Grant us this, O Lord, so that we,
As children, will have good fortune as we grow up,
Will understand Your law, O Lord,
And will love all creation, which You,
O Lord, made for our happiness.

[SPOKEN] Praise be to God.