Doukhobors - Spirit Wrestlers

My Love Divine

An all-girl trio (Stasiya Rezansoff, Sarah Koochin and Joycelin Drazdoff) sing three couplets of a nine-part song.

Attributed to Molokan sources, the words combine secular and religious motifs, while the melody is reminiscent of a modern folk composition.

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My Love Divine, how wonderful you are;
To me, you are invaluable, an answer to my hopes.
From God, you came to be, it was God who formed you
But then you came to me, and set my heart aflame;
I had thought you were unreachable, lived only in the heavens
But then, brighter than sunshine, you came to mortal man.
I searched so long for Love Divine on all our earthly paths,
But there it was within my heart but I had known it not.
Come one and all to Love Divine, come quickly as you can
Cast off all hollow riches, all worldly wants and hopes.
I am the One to fulfil your hopes, to taste Divine Love,
From earth's components you were made, and strengthened with my Love.
In Spirit, all came clear to us, revealed by God Himself
And so, in tears, all prayed to Him, all thoughts were eastward bound,
All those who were in Spirit born and lived the one true faith
Were christened with the Holy Spirit and sang their praise to Him.
And so, my friends, in our time, let's live in Love Divine
Cast off all hollow riches, all worldly wants and hopes.