Doukhobors - Spirit Wrestlers

The Living Book

"With Your shield of iron, protect me, O Lord, from bloody violence, from guns that kill, from the sabre's cutting blow, from swords of steel, from spears of war. Amen." -from a Doukhobor Prayer.

Doukhobors see the singing of psalms and hymns as a "living" manifestation of their beliefs. In the past, their songs were transmitted from one generation to another by word of mouth. In recent times, however, the power of this unique musical tradition has stimulated efforts to record and document for posterity these "living" expressions of faith.

In keeping with their traditions, Canada's Doukhobors sing for the most part in Russian, although English songs are also performed. A cappella, group singing dominates the Living Book; Doukhobor etiquette calls for singers to end each song with a bow.