Doukhobors - Spirit Wrestlers

Family Ties

"All the world's riches are not worth the life of a single child." -Doukhobor maxim

Doukhobors treasure children as assets that bring joy and comfort to the entire community. Objects from the Museum's Doukhobor collections, many of them handmade, reflect this loving concern, and underline the group's respect for humanity at large.

Are Doukhobor Children Allowed to Go to School?

Certainly. When the Doukhobors first arrived in Canada, the more conservative community members refused to send their children to school, preferring to educate them within the community. Eventually, however, Doukhobors began to send their children to local schools. Today, all Doukhobor children go to regular schools but the family still makes an important contribution in a child's education. Home is where children learn the Russian language as well as Doukhobor songs, cooking, history and values.

What Do Doukhobor Children Call Their Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles?

Mother is Mama
Father is Papa
Grandmother is Baba or Babushka
Grandfather is Dyeda or Dyedushka
Aunt is Tyota or Tyotka
Uncle is Dyadya

How Do Doukhobor Children Play?

In much the same way as non-Doukhobor children. However, they don't play with war toys such as fake guns and swords, and they are not permitted to play violent games (including some computer games!) or watch violent shows on television.