The Doukhobors: Spirit Wrestlers

The Doukhobors: "Spirit Wrestlers"

At the Canadian Museum of Civilization from January 18, 1996 to September 7, 1998.

Western Canada is home to half the world's Doukhobors, or, translated literally from the Russian, "Spirit Wrestlers." Their Russian origins are evident in all aspects of their heritage. In keeping with their motto, "Toil and peaceful life," Doukhobors seek to balance the basic needs of everyday life with spiritual beliefs based on Christian principles. To preserve and make known their ideals, Doukhobors have developed a rich song tradition, consisting of psalms and hymns, as well as other types of songs.

To mark the first century of Doukhobor life in Canada (1899-1999), this exhibition offers a sampling from the museum's collections.

The publication SPIRIT WRESTLERS: CENTENNIAL PAPERS IN HONOUR OF CANADA'S DOUKHOBOR HERITAGE by Robert B. Klymasz and Koozma J. Tarasoff (Canadian Museum of Civilization, 1995, ISBN 0-660-14034-9) is available for purchase.

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