Aida Kaouk – Curator
Constance Nebel – Assistant Curator
Management and Coordination
Danièle Goyer
Bill Moore
Chantal Amyot
Christiane Saumur
Michèle Courtemanche
Monique Carnell
Design and Artistic Direction
Chantal Baril
Exhibition and Graphic Design
Origin Studios
Stéphane Breton
Photography of Artwork and QTVR
Harry Foster
Odette Dumas
Marilou Prud’homme
Translation and Editing
Ghasan Aris
Halim Badawi
Harriet Ellenberger
Catherine Germain
Claudine Vivier
Daniel Zamorano
Yasser Badreddine
Web Design and Development
Charles Whalen

The Canadian Museum of Civilization would like to acknowledge the resource people, including the artists, who generously contributed to this exhibition, as well as the artists and collectors who were kind enough to lend us their artwork.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization also acknowledges the contribution of Museum staff and volunteers who were involved in the production of this exhibition.