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Here are some incredible stamps from Canada and around the world.

Bhutan, 1972
Stamp from Bhutan This stamp from Bhutan, a country in South Asia, is made from moulded plastic. Do you recognize this famous person?

Record-shaped stamp from Bhutan Bhutan, 1973
This record-shaped stamp actually plays music. There are seven stamps in the series and each plays either the country’s national anthem, Bhutanese folk music, or tells the history of Bhutan.

Press the disk to hear the music recorded on this stamp.

Tonga, 1964
Tonga, a country made up of more than 150 islands in the Pacific Ocean, is famous for its unusual stamps. Stamp from Tonga This stamp, shaped like one of the Tonga islands, was printed on silver foil.

Tonga, 1980
Tonga has issued more than 600 self-adhesive stamps, some shaped like watches, parrots, even bananas.

Stamp from Tonga

Stamp from Canada Canada, 1898
This stamp is the world’s first Christmas stamp.

Canada, 1994
These are the first "do-it-yourself" stamps in the world. To personalize the stamps for birthdays or other special occasions, you can either add stickers or draw your own pictures on them.

Stamps from Canada

Stamp from France France, 1998
This stamp has an unusual shape. It has been issued for the 1998 World's Cup.

Canada, 1997
These stamps glow in the dark.

Stamp from Canada Stamp from Canada
Stamp from Canada Stamp from Canada

Who chooses the subjects for Canadian stamps?

The Stamp Advisory Committee of Canada Post. This committee is made up of thirteen people from across Canada. They choose between fifteen and twenty different subjects each year to be displayed on new stamps. You can suggest an idea for a stamp by sending it to:

Stamp Advisory Committee
Canada Post Corporation
2701 Riverside Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0B1

  1. © Canada Post. 1898.
    Reproduced with permission.
  2. © Canada Post. 1994.
    Reproduced with permission.
  3. © Canada Post. 1997.
    Reproduced with permission.
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