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Miniature sheet
Single stamp or block of stamps with a margin on all sides bearing some special wording or design.

Mint stamps
Mint stamps are new or never-mailed stamps. Some collectors prefer them since no part of the design has been obliterated.

Mint stamps (fine)
The margins are uneven, but the perforations do not touch the design. The stamp is not faded, but is not as bright as a very fine. The paper has no tears or creases. The gum may be hinged.

Mint stamps (very fine)
The margins are even, the colours bright, and there are no tears. The gum is undamaged and has not had a hinge attached.

Mint stamps (very good)
The margins are uneven and the perforations may touch the design. These stamps may be slightly faded with tears, creases, or stains. The gum is often damaged or missing in places.

Mounts are clear plastic holders into which you slide your stamps.

Mourning stamp
Issued to commemorate the death of a person; sometimes printed with a black border.

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