International Context Game

You, as Wop May, along with your partner, Vic Horner, are about to undertake the perilous journey from Edmonton to Fort Vermilion. You will find yourself in the same life and death situations that these two volunteers faced. In each case, you will be given three options on how to proceed. If you make the right choice, you will continue on you journey. But if you choose the wrong option, then you will fail to complete the mercy flight. Remember, people's lives are at stake.

Your flight details are as follows:

  1. Your plane is a silver, cloth-covered Avro 594 Avian biplane on wheels. It is a twin-seater with a baggage compartment.
  2. Fort Vermilion is approximately 420 miles (approximately 675 kilometres) north of Edmonton.
  3. On the day you leave, January 2, 1929, it is windy and snowing; the ground temperature in Edmonton is -30 C.

The people of Little Red River wish you and your partner good luck on you journey. You are ready to begin your flight.

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