International Context Across the Atlantic... A Different Adventure - Part II

On August 12, 1918, the Post Office Department took over aerial postal service operations.

This map shows the branch lines between New York, Philadelphia and Washington, which were opened in 1918, as well as the last sections between New York, Chicago and San Francisco, which were opened in 1924.


May 15, 1918 New York-Philadelphia-Washington
May 15, 1919 Chicaco-Cleveland
September 8, 1920 Omaha-Sacramento
August 16, 1920 Chicago-St. Louis
December 1, 1920 Chicago-Minneapolis
July 1, 1924 New York-Chicago-San Francisco

William C.
William C. "Big Bill" Hopson
He joined the U.S. airmail service on April 14, 1920, and helped set up the transcontinental airmail line. He took part in the momentous non-stop transcontinental flight, February 22 and 23, 1921, but was stranded by a snowstorm in Chicago.
Courtesy of Smithsonian Institution Libraries

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