International Context Latécoère Air Lines - Part I

1918 Creation of Latécoère Air Lines (LAL)
Pierre-Georges Latécoère, a young French industrialist, teamed up with a friend, Beppo di Massimi, to take on an ambitious project: the creation of an airline that would carry mail between France and Argentina. The first section of the route was Toulouse-Rabat, with stops in Barcelona, Alicante and Malaga.
1919 LAL's Beginnings
Latécoère bought 15 Bréguet 14 airplanes from the French army and hired a number of former war pilots, among them Didier Daurat and Raymond Vanier.
1919 Opening of the Toulouse-Rabat Line.


Letter transported between Morocco and France by Lignes aériennes Latécoère in 1919.
Courtesy of Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace, Le Bourget, MA 8088


Reproduction of a poster advertising the Lignes aériennes Latécoère Toulouse-Rabat line via Spain. Latécoère was granted rights for this line on July 7, 1919.
Courtesy of Musée de la Poste, Paris
1920 Extension of the Line from Rabat to Casablanca.
1920 First Fatal Accident.
While flying their Salmson through a sudden storm, pilot Jean Rodier and his mechanic François Marty-Mahé crashed into the sea just off Port-Vendres. More than a hundred fatal accidents occurred before the Second World War began.
1920 Didier Daurat: LAL's New Operations Manager
Daurat was one of the most active promoters of the famous LAL esprit de corps, in which the company took great pride.

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