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Aviation played an important part in the First World War. By the time peace had been restored, commercial links had became indispensable, both for routing mail and transporting passengers. The first airline companies were being established, and routes were being developed that would draw the world closer. Having initially flown in combat, pilots went on to fly postal routes and long-distance flights, and to perform in air shows.

William Bishop Postage Stamp, Scott 1525, CPM
Postage stamp
Issued on August 12, 1994. William "Billy" Bishop was a Canadian Air Force ace pilot during the First World War.
Canadian Postal Museum, Scott 1525

After the war, many pilots were left without jobs. For some, flying was their only skill and had become their life, and so they became aerial acrobats.

These daredevils exhibited their talents at circuses and air shows. In the 1920s, Hollywood paid them to perform spectacular air combat manoeuvres in movies.

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