Contents 1506-1759 1760-1840 1841-1867 1868-1899 1900-1919 1920-1950 1951 to the Present A Chronology of Canadian Postal History
Overall Concept and Direction: John Willis

Project Management: Wendy McPeake

Photo Research: Wendy McPeake, Stéphanie Ouellet

Copy Writing and Research: Tom Hillman, Stéphanie Ouellet, Gerald Pelletier, Andrew Horrall, Wendy McPeake (captions)

Editing: Madeleine Choquette, Wendy McPeake

Translation: Valencia Léger, Michael Ustick

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Web Expertise and Advice: Stephen Alsford, Denise Corbett

The project was made possible in part due to the financial assistance of the Friends of the Canadian Postal Museum.

I would like to acknowledge authors from outside the CPM for their kind collaboration most notably, Jane Harrison, Benoit Melançon, Sheila McIntyre, and Nancy Pope who graciously offered their knowledge and texts.

I would also like to thank Wendy McPeake for her unflagging devotion to the cause, and Canada Post and the National Archives of Canada for their collaboration.


Project Background

The chronology went through a number of drafts beginning in 1992 when it was first created as a useful way of ordering information and answering the frequent research requests received at the Canadian Postal Museum (CPM). Former archivist and postal historian Tom Hillman drafted a definitive version of the time-line, which was later revised, supplemented and altered. Following this, authors from inside and outside the CPM were invited to contribute longer articles focusing upon a specific issue or item of postal history. Stéphanie Ouellet, at the time a Career Edge intern with the CPM, took the project by the horns during 2000 with courage and efficiency. She contributed the lion’s share of the background pieces. Gerald Pelletier revised a number of texts ensuring historical accuracy, and wrote some of his own. All staff at the CPM — Francine Brousseau, Chantal Amyot, Bianca Gendreau, Denise Corbett, Gaétanne Blais, Suzanne Brassard, Hélène Plourde, and Kerry-Ann Scullion had their hand in some way in the making of the text, either directly or indirectly, by virtue of their past research experience, instincts, willing collaboration, and data collection.

The following abbreviations appear throughout the chronology:

NAC: National Archives of Canada
CPM: Canadian Postal Museum
CMC: Canadian Museum of Civilization

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