Mystery of the Maya - The Film

Filmed on location at numerous sacred sites throughout the Maya regions, The Mystery of the Maya is the first giant-screen motion picture to explore the culture, science and history of the Maya. Told through a modern-day archaeologist and a young Mayan descendant who cooperate to unravel the secrets of the past and filmed in IMAX, this production blends dramatic recreations with actual archaeological excavation, rare archival material and animation sequences.

Capturing the vastness and grandeur of Maya civilization as only giant-screen motion picture technology can, The Mystery of the Maya takes audiences on a breath-taking trip through a millennium of Mayan history. The Canadian Museum of Civilization presented the world premiere on April 13, 1995.

"It is one of the most spectacular
and informative films I have ever seen on the Maya."

George E. Stuart, Ph.D, National Geographic Magazine, Washington, D.C.

The film is available from the National Film Board of Canada, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
tel: 1-800-267-7710
fax: (514) 283-7564