Ancient Treasures and the Dead Sea Scrolls

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Scientists approach the study of biblical times in the Holy Land from a number of angles.On the one hand, archaeology is based on the concrete, the tangible, the incontrovertible artifact that tells us about events, activities and people from ancient times. Another important source of information about this pivotal period of human history in the Middle East is the Bible. This collection of books can be viewed as an historical, sociological or political document through the lense of literary criticism. 

This virtual exhibition presents the essence of a real exhibition from the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, based primarily on archaeological objects but complemented with biblical quotations and historical information.

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Whenever you notice this small speaker icon, it indicates the opportunity of listening to a pertinent segment of an audio tour of the exhibit originally conducted by Dr. Adolfo Roitman, Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Head of the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem, but presented by Dr. Jean-Luc Pilon, CMC's in-house curator, for this virtual exhibition. Simply click on it and enjoy his insights.