Greece: Secrets of the PastGreece: Secrets of the Past
Sphinx, Corinth, GreeceRuins of the Temple of Isis, Delos, Cyclades Islands, GreeceSantorini at sunset, Cyclades islands, Greece
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Greece: Secrets of the Past

More than 2500 years ago in a city in ancient Greece the foundations of Western civilization were being laid. The city, Athens, was taking its first tentative steps towards democracy. In that enlightened milieu, art and architecture soared to new heights as did science, philosophy and literature. Drama was born. During this brief era which endured for only a century and a half everything the Greeks touched seemed to turn to gold. Indeed, many of our accomplishments were only possible because we stood on the shoulders of those Greek pioneers.

More than a millennium earlier a massive volcanic eruption buried the Bronze Age city of Akrotiri creating a time capsule which is only now being opened.

The film Greece: Secrets of the Past brings both of those epochs back to life as the IMAX camera peers back into the past to explore the rich legacies left to modern society by the ancient Greeks.

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Photographs: Nicholas Pitt
(Left to right: 1. Sphinx, Corinth, Greece; 2. Ruins of the Temple of Isis, Delos, Cyclades Islands, Greece; 3. Santorini at sunset, Cyclades islands, Greece)