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CMC PCD 2001-286-001 As the giant Hubble telescope probes outer space searching for clues about the birth of the universe, the giant IMAX® camera explores the birth of one of the first civilizations. An international film crew is currently working on Mysteries of Egypt, which will be coming soon to a theatre near you.

This exciting giant screen film, due to be released in 1998, takes you on a voyage to Egypt, to explore the ancient mysteries of this magical land.

You'll fly over the pyramids, marvel at the beauty of the tomb paintings in the Valley of the Kings and experience moments in history through dramatic re-enactments.

Ramesses' chariot; 
CMC PCD 2001-286-082 Mysteries of Egypt brings to life important chapters in Egyptian history. Re-enactments take us back in time to witness the building of pyramids, the military exploits of the pharaohs and the drama of the tomb robbers. You'll see how Tutankhamun's mummy was ceremoniously placed in his tomb and feel the excitement when Howard Carter peered into the tomb. You'll also learn about the mummy's curse!

CMC PCD 2001-301-062 The well-known Egyptian actor Omar Sharif and the young British actress Kate Maberly are featured in the film. Omar plays the role of a grandfather who takes his visiting granddaughter (Kate) around the country to introduce her to the wonders and magic of the ancient Egyptian civilization. At first, she doesn't share her grandfather's enthusiasm, but she soon changes her mind. Like so many tourists who visit the pyramids, she is awestruck by the sheer magnitude of these architectural wonders. As she listens to her grandfather's stories, she is facinated by the mummy's curse and begins to appreciate the incredible legacy of the land of the pharaohs.

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