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Gods and Goddesses

The holy family It is easy to get confused when trying to identify the Egyptian gods. There is a large number of them and they are not always depicted the same way. For example, Thoth, the god of writing and messenger of the sun god, is seen as an ibis, a baboon or the moon. Like the Greek gods, the Egyptian gods symbolized aspects of life, human emotions and the physical world. Gods and goddesses are often grouped in pairs to represent the dual nature of life, the negative and positive forces of the cosmos. An examples is Osiris representing life and order, and Seth representing death and destruction.

Amemet |  Amun |  Amun Re |  Anubis |  Atum
Bastet |  Bes
Hapi |  Hathor |  Horus
Khnum |  Khonsu
Maat |  Min |  Mut
Neith |  Nekhbet |  Nephthys |  Nut
Sekhmet |  Selkis |  Seth |  Shu |  Sobek |  Sphinx
Taweret |  Tefnut |  Thoth

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