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Canadian versus American hooked rugs

CMC 77-555 - CD3158-2011-0648-019 In order to recognize a true hooked rug, you must first know that it is made with strips of cloth or yarn that form a loop on the visible side and a continuous line on the back. Certain distinctive elements allow us to differentiate between traditional Canadian and American hooked rugs.

CMC 77-555 - CD3158-2011-0648-019 The first visible difference between the two is in the fibres used. While American rugs were generally made from one type of fibre, Canadian rugs were generally composed of a blend of materials such as yarn, wool, cotton, occasionally silk, and often reprocessed canvas. Moreover, Canadian rugs were usually monochromatic, while American rugs used highly contrasting colours.

In some cases, the designs clearly establish identity. Canadian rugs often feature maple leaves or beavers, while American ones frequently depict the symbol of the eagle.

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