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Vers la fin du 19ième
Lent by the Musée des musiques populaires de Montluçon

  Cabrette - MMPM no. 993.22.9 / Lent by the Musée des musiques populaires de Montluçon


In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the cabrette was a very popular bagpipe with people from the Auvergne region who had settled in Paris, until the accordion appeared on the scene. During this period, when Paris was experiencing an economic boom, bal-musettes were extremely popular. This cabrette has a bellows, a bag and three double stocks with both a chanter and a drone, which allow the musician to change the tonality.

This instrument belonged to José Roux, who played the cabrette. The leather bag is covered with velvet and includes the blowpipe, which is to be attached to the bellows. The bag stock that links the chanter and the drone to the bag is decorated with a man's head carved out of bramble with glass eyes.