Appliqué quilt,
made about 1850, by Sadie Warne, New Tusket, Digby County

This is an outstanding example of appliqué from the mid-1800s, in a typical format of nine large pattern blocks, approximately 59 cm (23"), surrounded by a vine border. All of the seams were sewn by hand, as was the binding to front and back. Thrift is demonstrated in the backing fabric, made with 15 pieces. In the flowers, the quilted lines align with the design, while in the leaves they imitate veins. The remainder is quilted with diagonal lines, crossing approximately 2 cm (¾") apart. Leaves and stems which now appear blue would have been dark green.

According to family stories, Sadie Warne (1826-1886) was fondly regarded by those who knew her. She lived with her younger married sister, Cynthia Sabean, and helped to take care of her children.