Opus: The making of musical instruments in Canada

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Selected Bibliography
Compiled by Kevin James

This bibliography, compiled from surveys of periodicals and newspapers, lists articles written between 1971 and 1991 which contain substantive information on instrument makers active in Canada. Articles written before 1971 which were located in the course of the primary search have also been included. The sources consulted were vertical files and the index of Canadian music periodicals maintained by the Music Division, National Library of Canada; The Canadian Magazine Index (1985-1991); The Canadian News Index (1977-1991); The Canadian Periodical Index (1977-1991); and The Music Index (1971-1991). The bibliography is arranged chronologically.

For well-documented subjects such as piano building, organ building and certain well-known makers (for example, electronic string-instrument maker Richard Armin, the organ builders Casavant Frères, violin maker George Heinl, the piano builders Heintzman & Co. and electronic-instrument inventor Hugh Le Caine), only the most substantial articles have been cited. The sparse documentation on brass- and woodwind-instrument makers indicates only that their work is relatively unchronicled and not that there is a lack of activity in Canada by such makers.

The compiler acknowledges the helpful assistance provided by the staff of the Music Division of the National Library of Canada.

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