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Some of outdoor folk art's more fanciful creations have no antecedents in nature or in folk tradition. Rather, such pieces come directly from the fertile imaginations of their creators. Here, a tiger from a Quebec street warily regards a blue-tongued "bug" from an Eastern Ontario farm - both are natural and complementary denizens in the world of Canadian outdoor folk art.

Spotted Tiger Spotted Tiger
Alcide Saint-Germain
Saint-Antoine-Abbé, Quebec
Ca. 1971
CCFCS 77-736

M. Saint-Germain's fantasies included many exotic jungle animals, such as giraffes and tigers. He added a thick coating of plaster to his carvings before painting them. One can only surmise that these creatures evolved in his imagination after he had seen something similar on television or in print.

Bug with Blue Tongue
George Cockayne
Madoc, Ontario
CCFCS 81-201
Patricia and Ralph Price Collection
Bug - CD95-505-052 - S95-11443

Mr. Cockayne certainly had a vigorous imagination. From small ends of wood, he made a series of "bugs," whose forms were entirely his own creation. As a group, they represent a complete, miniature fantasy land that existed in his mind. "They're not supposed to represent any animal . . . they're bugs," he said. "A bug is liable to be anything . . . inhabit the moon or something, see?" He made "cow" bugs, "elephant" bugs, "germs" and even a hilarious "VW" bug with four legs. All were intended for the garden.

Dove of Peace - CD95-514-013 - S95-12304 Dove of Peace Perched on a Bomb
Maker unknown
Cambridge (formerly Galt), Ontario
CCFCS 77-460

During World War I, Galt boasted a munitions factory called Goldie and McCollogh. On Armistice Day, 1918, as part of a city parade, the factory organized a float carrying this Dove of Peace. Its message continues to this day: keeping the peace is a dream that Canadians lovingly preserve, in imagination as well as in practical terms.


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Canadian Folk Art Outdoors


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