Heart and Soul – Quebec Folk Art
Folk art
is alive and well!
The artists talk about
what motivates them
to continue turning
out new works.
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Research and Writing Jean-François Blanchette, Ph.D., Curator
Assistant Researchers Mireille Bourgeois, Amanda McFillen, Catherine O'Sullivan, Catarina Palhau
Principal Advisors Hélène-Andrée Bizier, David Covey, Renée Des Rosiers, Robert Picard, Michelle Picard
Website Design Fenix Solutions Inc.
Website Development Richard Bond, Sam Farah, Charles Whalen
Principal Photographer Marie-Louise Deruaz
Other Photographs Jean-François Blanchette, David Covey, Steven Darby, Harry Foster, John Staunton, Wendy Tilley
Audiovisual Dave Deevey, Justin Lenczewski
Editing Pierre Cantin, Jennifer Rae-Brown
Translation Sheila Singal
Project Management Jean-François Blanchette, Ph.D., Curator
Sandra Hammel, Web Quality Assurance Analyst
Ken Tran, Manager, Entreprise Web Presence

In 2002, upon her death, Nettie Covey Sharpe donated her collection of antiques and Quebec folk art to the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Through this project, inspired by that donation, we pay a respectful tribute to her.

I would like to mention the artists' commitment to the development of this website, especially that of Léon Bouchard, Michel Fedak, Clémence Lessard, Raymond Massicotte, Fleurette Solomon, Jacqueline Tremblay and Michel Villeneuve.

Special thanks to the following people:

Valérie Alpañes
Deni Blanchet
Martin Bouchard
Nathalie Boudreault
Lynda Cloutier
Guy Coutu
Christian Denis
Johnny Drouin
Georges-Henri Dubé
Pascale Galipeau
Benoît Gauthier
Andrée Gendreau
Conrad Graham
Roch Parent
Pierre Robitaille
Valérie Rousseau
Jean Simard
Micheline Villeneuve

And to all my colleagues at the Canadian Museum of Civilization for their collaboration and encouragement throughout this project.

Jean-François Blanchette, Ph.D., Curator