Heart and Soul – Quebec Folk Art

The World According To . . .

In every society, the creators of folk art express their fears, their pleasures, their playfulness, their struggles, their values and their passions.

When we look at the work of Quebec folk artists and listen to their stories, several qualities come to mind as we try to define who they are, and the society in which they live.

Of the many possible descriptions we might consider, eight seem particularly appropriate to a presentation of Quebec folk art:

Rooted - Diverse

The Leberts - 2002.125.25, 2002.125.33 - IMG2008-0080-0005-Dm

The roots of Quebec artists run deep. This sense of place reflects their many origins, whether related to the physical environment, their cultural roots or their life experiences.

Loyal - Rebellious

The Angel Gabriel - 2002.125.1145 - IMG2008-0080-0124-Dm

Tradition was a powerful force within Quebec society, shielding its citizens from outside pressures and influences. In time, however, certain values once considered immutable were called into question.

Proud - Story-Telling

Maurice Duplessis - 85-161 - IMG2008-0080-0008-Dm

Quebecers take pride in themselves, in what surrounds them, and in what they possess. They enjoy both the image they project and the image they have of themselves. And they love to tell a story!

Fun Loving - Over the Top!

Whirligigs - 2002.125.1125, 2002.125.323 - IMG2008-0080-0012-Dm

Quebecers enjoy social events, both public and private. They love to play and have fun, and throw themselves into traditional pleasures, as well as less conventional pursuits.