Heart and Soul – Quebec Folk Art

Artists Worth Knowing

Folk art is alive and well, as you can see in the work of these seven artists. In addition to presenting some of their creations, the artists talk about what motivates them to continue turning out new works. It is their way of responding to the vision they have of their activities and, indeed, of their very existence.

Get to know these exceptional people, whose originality and strength lie in their unique talents. Their creative gifts clearly transcend anything they might have learned through more formal training.

Léon Bouchard

Groundhog - IMG2008-0080-0074-Dm
"At 'Le P'tit Bonheur' there is such life, such vitality! I certainly didn't wait for others to create 'happiness' for me."

Michel Fedak

Kingfisher - IMG2008-0080-0070-Dm
"Folk art is more philosophical than technical . . . you need a certain amount of life experience . . ."

Clémence Lessard

Clémence Lessard - Archives, 2009-H0015.
"In Montreal, everyone said, 'You create naïve art.' That really bothered me . . . I am not naïve! Here in the Beauce, they tell me that I am a folk artist. I don't like that, either!"

Raymond Massicotte

Holy Grail - IMG2008-0080-0073-Dm
"I set tradition aside, and threw myself into adventure and the future."

Fleurette Solomon

The Dreamer - Archives, 2009-H0015.
"The autumn of life! We work all our lives to reach the point at which we no longer need to please anyone but ourselves. You have finally earned the right to just sit down, play an instrument, and listen to the sound of your own music."

Jacqueline Tremblay

Quebec Family - 2009-H0015.
"I come from a family of artists, and I knew that I would be an artist, too. I thought that all families were like that. I was naïve!"

Michel Villeneuve

Untitled - Archives, 2009-H0015.
"I put on some music and make my pencil dance."