Heart and Soul – Quebec Folk Art
Tribute to
Nettie Covey Sharpe left her fine collection of Quebec folk art and Canadiana to the Canadian Museum of Civilization.
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Traditional or Non-Conformist?

Folk art is a reflection of society as seen through the eyes of artists whose perceptions are sometimes traditional and conventional — sometimes unruly, and even wild.

Whether created in times past or in more recent years, the folk art in this virtual exhibition is highly expressive. It is impossible not to appreciate the beauty of older objects, while also enjoying the subtle, lively, ironic and even fractious soul of contemporary folk art.

Traditional Approaches

The Black - 2006-67 - IMG2008-0195-0010-Dm
For many years, folk artists were inspired by tradition. Rural societies of the not-so-distant past imposed standards of behaviour on their members. People conformed in order to fit in.

Absolute Freedom

Absolute Freedom - 2009-H0015.
Modern society implies urbanization and individualism, and today's folk artists often create works featuring new forms and inspirations, free of any constraints. This brand of folk art represents a break with tradition.

In a League of Their Own

Hooked rug - 80-645 - IMG2009-0160-0005-Dm
Sometimes certain artists and works do not fit easily into the categories we create to define various types of creativity. This is true of the hooked rugs produced by Noé J. Champagne.