Lost Visions, Forgotten Dreams

CMC S90 3114; CD95 270
The First Arctic Explorers The Dorset People
Disappearance of the Dorset Culture The Gallery of Dorset Art
[Humans] [Bears] [Magical Objects] [Animals] [Amulets]


Exhibit curators: Patricia D. Sutherland, Robert McGhee
Text: Patricia D. Sutherland, Robert McGhee
Photos: Harry Foster, Steve Darby, Jacqueline Vincent, Wendy Vance
Web page design and production: Joel Long

Further Reading

The following publications provide further information on the Palaeo-Eskimos and their art.

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A well-illustrated textbook recommended for people who want an overview of Arctic prehistory.

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A university-level text containing much detailed information on the history of the Palaeo-Eskimo and Inuit peoples of Arctic Canada.

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This classic article presents the viewpoints of an archaeologist and an art historian trying to understand the nature of Dorset art.