I owe a great debt of gratitude to Pat Kolesar of Digitial Electronics of Canada for her constant encouragement and the wealth of great ideas she most readily and freely shared with me. In several ways, this page is as much hers as it is mine.

My wife Abbie, my son Thomas and my daughter Laina, put up with nightly and week-end disappearance acts as I resumed my work on the project after supper and over much of the week-ends during the past 10 months. Their sacrifice allowed the successful culmination of this project.

The following individuals were instrumental in advancing specific components of the project:

Lori S. Schroeder (CMCC); editing of video and sound clips
Maggy Arbour and Dennis Fletcher (CMCC); supplying, so quickly, needed videos and sound tapes from the CMCC archives
Heather and Dick Morlan; the photograph of a person taking a photograph used as the Photo Archive icon
Don Thom and Gerry Lesage (Digital); technical facilitation and encouragement
Roger Marois; translation of the English texts into French

Many thanks to all,

Jean-Luc Pilon