An Archaeologist's Photo Album

Common Loons on the calm waters of Vidiitshuu (Trout Lake), taken by Jean-Luc Pilon

Archaeologists are fair-weather northerners! As true as the break-up of rivers and lakes is a sure sign of spring, summer has indeed arrived when the archaeologists step off the plane!

When a field season lasts four, six, or eight weeks, there are quite often some unique photo opportunities for the avid photographer. The summer season is short and so we not only see life return to the Subarctic, but we also see it grow up and prepare for the rapidly approaching winter.

We have gone through our extensive collections of field photographs from our work in the southwest Anderson Plain and we have put together some photo-essays. Some of these groups of photographs complement and enhance information that has been presented elsewhere on this site. Sometimes they are simply beautiful scenes and good pictures or they bring to mind some interesting stories that really don't fit into serious conversations!

You may select from the 27 photo-essays or you can choose any one of 171 individual photographs which are an expanded listing of the photo-essay contents. All images are in jpeg format. With five exceptions, the photographs presented here were taken between 1985 and 1993 by Jean-Luc Pilon and Luc Nolin.