An Archaeologist's Photo Album
Individual Pictures

Photograph by Luc Nolin of Gabe Andre
sharpening a tent stake at Chidaltaii.

Photo Credits: Jean-Luc Pilon (*), Luc Nolin (**), Anonymous (Duchaussois 1921) (***), J.L.Robinson/Public Archives of Canada (****), F.H.Kitto/Public Archives of Canada (*****)



Lake Trout (20K)*
Arctic Grayling (41K)*
Inconnu (Coni) (19K)**
Phil Woodley fishing (22K)*


Ermine steals a duck egg (10K)*
Ermine caught in the act (32K)*
Moose (31K)*
Ground Squirrel (Sik-sik) (27K)**
Marten (16K)*
Marten family (22K)*
Grizzly Bear's den (21K)*


Arctic Terns (10K)*
Common Loon (20K)*
Arctic Terns and Ducks on a sand spit (17K)*
Common Loons (11K)*
Sea Gull (7K)*
Bald Eagle (4K)*
Buffleheads or Common Goldeneyes (9K)*
Grouse (13K)*
Common Ravens (20K)*


White-Winged Scoters (19K)*
Tundra Swans (11K)*
Tundra Swans taking off (9K)*
Tundra cygnet (15K)*
Tundra Swan taking off (10K)*
Semipalmated Plover (27K)*
American Tree Sparrow? (26K)*
White-Crowned Sparrow? (29K)*
Common Flicker (12K)**

Forest Fires

Smoke and steam-fire of 1986 (4K)*
Smoke and steam-fire of 1986 (15K)*
Smoke and steam-fire of 1987 (13K)*
Smoke and steam-fire of 1987 (22K)*
Recovering from a fire (17K)*

Mostly Flowers

Wild Rose (13K)*
Salmon Berry Flower (39K)*
Salmon Berries (17K)*
Fireweed covered bank (15K)*
Fireweed and white shore flowers (55K)*
Low bush variety of Fireweed (23K)*
Field of Fireweed (31K)*
Moss Umbrellas (36K)*
Moss Umbrellas (32K)*

Beautiful Scenery

A Placid Lakeshore (22K)*
Rapids at Caribou Creek (24K)*
A Maze of Lakes (14K)*
Winter Trail (28K)*
Sunset-1 (16K)*
Sunset-2 (10K)*

More Beautiful Scenery

Morning Mist (11K)*
Midnight Sun (10K)*
Digging Away (17K)**
The Banks of the Mackenzie (14K)*
Emerald Shores (10K)*
The Edge of the World (12K)*

Campbell Hills

Overlooking Campbell Lake-1 (14K)*
Overlooking Campbell Lake-2 (15K)*
Lake in Campbell Hills (22K)*
Bedrock (17K)*
Gull Lake Cave (16K)*
Gull Lake Cave's Second Chamber (8K)*


1985-1988 Crew Members

1986 Group Photo (24K)*
R.Jane Dale (22K)*
Virna Mae Firth and Cathy Yasui (32K)*
1987 Group Photo (23K)*
Arianne Burke (21K)*
J.Bruce Jamieson (15K)*
Philip J. Woodley (6K)*
Virna Mae Firth (27K)*
Willie Simon Modeste (19K)*
Ken Stark (21K)*

1990-1991 Crew Members

1990 Ge'atat dilee Group Photo (23K)*
1991 Lure Lake Group Photo (33K)*
Lawrence Andre (20K)*
Willie Simon Modeste (17K)*
Luc Nolin with a bandaged eye (9K)*

1992 Crew Members

1992 Vidiitshuu Group Photo (22K)*
Diane Cockle and Fulgence Belcourt (12K)*
Fulgence Belcourt (8K)*
Leroy Natsie (32K)*
1992 Tsiigehtchic Group Photo (28K)**
Michelle Drapeau (11K)**
Anna May McLeod (15K)**
Noel Andre and Robert Humen (18K)**
Michael "Two Gloves" Jackson (16K)**

1993 Crew Members

1993 Tsiigehtchic Group Photo (28K)**
Luc Nolin (12K)*
Gabe Andre (20K)**
Hyacinthe Andre and James Mooney (15K)**
Rita Carpenter (10K)**
David Link (14K)*
Willie Simon Modeste (18K)*
Walking the Pups (20K)**


Fishing at "Slew-Shark Alley" (5K)*
Cleaning Fish (19K)*
Emptying a fishnet (12K)**
Fishing from a plane (7K)*
A Swinging Camp (27K)*
Bet'tsezine Dances (15K)*
Inuvik Folies (15K)*


Bonfire (15K)*
Fresh Bread (10K)*
Survey Camp (21K)*
A Dreary, Drizzly Day (15K)*
A Beached Boat (18K)*
Open-Air Kitchen (15K)*


Roasted Coni Head and Tea (22K)*
Thick Peat Deposit (10K)*
Aklak Air's Cessna 185 (16K)*
Inuvik Air Charter's Cessna 185 (18K)*
Luc Nolin at the Helm (8K)**
Allan Fehr and his Dog Team (23K)*
Gabe Andre (13K)**
Alestine Andre and her father Hyacinthe Andre (21K)*

Memorable Moments

1992 Inuit Circumpolar Conference

The Delta Drummers and Dancers (30K)*
Fort MacPherson Gwich'in Dancers (16K)*
Kashtin (34K)*
Snowbirds-1 (13K)*
Snowbirds-2 (10K)*

Re-Opening of the Mackenzie Hotel (The Zoo)

Walter Willkomm, owner (10K)*
Fiddle Contest (12K)*
Dancing-1 (11K)*
Dancing-2 (21K)*
Official speeches (15K)*
Dancing-3 (16K)*

Making Dry Fish at Tree River

Inconnu (Coni) (19K)**
Tree River Camp (13K)*
Taking a Break (31K)*
Removing the Strip (27K)*
Scoring the Filet (25K)*
Air Drying the Filets (25K)*
Clean-Up (19K)*

It's a Small World-1

1987 Meeting on the Plane at Norman Wells (16K)*
1992 Meeting in Inuvik (17K)*
1995 Meeting in Ottawa (29K)*

It's a Small World-2

1990 Ge'atat dilee Group Photo (23K)*
John Norbert (left) and Victor Simon (right) (18K)*
Young boys at Arctic Red River, ca. 1945 (32K)****

Camp Activities

Boat Travel

Camp Move (17K)*
Inflating the Boat (14K)*
Moving Along (19K)**
Against the Current (16K)**
Obstacle-1 (26K)*
Obstacle-2 (19K)*

A Bush Bread Oven

Preparing the Oven (19K)*
Putting the Dough in the Oven (21K)*
Baking (16K)*
Baked (29K)*

Video Production

1991 Silent Videos (18K)**
Micheal Fylystan-1 (14K)*
Micheal Fylystan-2 (26K)*
Micheal Fylystan-3 (13K)*

Historic Places

North Yukon Coast

Beaufort Sea Ice (13K)*
Yukon Coastal Plain and Mountains (16K)*
Abandoned cabin at Phillips Bay (16K)*
Inuvialuit graves at Phillips Bay (25K)*
Herschel from the Air (21K)*
Herschel Island Plaque (25K)*
RCMP Building (12K)*

The Church at Tsiigehtchic

Father Jean Séguin (20K)***
Father Jean Séguin in Native Clothing (32K)***
1896 Chapel-House (20K)****
Interior of the Present Chapel (15K)*
The White Church on the Hill (10K)**
White Church Entrance (18K)**
White Church Interior (20K)**
Altar (19K)*
Sanctuary Lamp (26K)**

Notre Dame de Bonne Espérance

Flying Through the Ramparts (16K)*
Aerial Shot of Fort Good Hope (8K)*
Father Séguin in front of the old Mission House (27K)***
The Church (16K)*
The Church Interior (22K)*