An Archaeologist's Photo Album

Reflections on Johnson Lake, taken by Jean-Luc Pilon.


Fish (4 images; 102K)
Mammals (7 images; 159K)
Birds-1 (9 images; 111K)
Birds-2 (9 images; 158K)
Forest Fires (5 images; 71K)
Mostly Flowers (9 images; 261K)
Beautiful Scenery (6 images; 114K)
More Beautiful Scenery (6 images; 74K)
Campbell Hills (6 images; 92K)


1985-1988 Crew Members (10 images; 210K)
1990-1991 Crew Members (5 images; 102K)
1992 Crew Members (9 images; 162K)
1993 Crew Members (8 images; 137K)
Miscellaneous-1 (7 images; 100K)
Miscellaneous-2 (6 images; 94K)
Miscellaneous-3 (8 images; 131K)

Memorable Moments

1992 Inuit Circumpolar Conference (5 images; 103K)
Re-Opening of the Mackenzie Hotel (The Zoo) (6 images; 85K)
Making Dry Fish at Tree River (7 images; 159K)
It's a Small World-1 (3 images; 62K)
It's a Small World-2 (3 images; 73K)

Camp Activities

Boat Travel (6 images; 111K)
A Bush Bread Oven (4 images; 85K)
Video Production (4 images; 71K)

Historic Places

North Yukon Coast (7 images; 128K)
The Church at Tsiigehtchic (9 images; 180K)
Notre Dame de Bonne Espérance (5 images; 89K)