The Southwest Anderson Plain

Meet the Archaeologists

The archaeological investigations which took place in the southwest Anderson Plain were undertaken primarily by three researchers from the Canadian Museum of Civilization, located in Hull, Québec, Canada: Jean-Luc Pilon, Jane Dale and Luc Nolin.

Jean-Luc Pilon
Jean-Luc is from the Ottawa Valley town of Vankleek Hill. He studied at the University of Toronto and at l'université Laval in Québec City. He has worked throughout northern Canada, specializing in studying the history of the peoples of the Subarctic of Québec, Ontario and the western N.W.T. Jean-Luc is currently the curator of Ontario archaeology at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull, Québec.

Rebecca Jane Dale
Jane is from Red Deer Alberta and holds degrees from the University of Alberta and the University of Alaska. She has worked on archaeological sites in Alberta, Yukon and the N.W.T. Jane now teaches elementary school in Moraine, northern Alberta.
Luc Nolin
Luc Nolin is from Sherbrooke in the Eastern Townships of Québec and is a graduate of l'université de Montréal. Luc came to the Canadian Museum of Civilization with extensive archaeological experience in the Subarctic of Québec. Luc is now with the telecommunications firm Fonorola in Montréal.

Findings and Interpretations

Short of reading through the actual field notes taken in the course of the research, the reports prepared at the end of every summer's work provide the details of the discoveries made and the activities carried out. Since many sites were revisited, links have been inserted to allow you, if you wish, to follow the progress of work at these revisited sites over the years.

If instead you want to find out what sense the archaeologists made of their research, you can begin with the analyses. Links there will bring you to the field reports so you may see exactly what these analyses are based on.