The NOGAP Research Areas

When the Archaeology Project of the Northern Oil and Gas Action Plan (NOGAP) began, it was given the task of learning about the history of areas which would be affected by the exploitation of hydrocarbon resources in the Canadian Beaufort Sea region. Researchers from the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Yukon Heritage Branch, the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife and consulting archaeologists worked in different parts of the lower Mackenzie Valley and Beaufort Sea region.

Over the eight years of the NOGAP Archaeology Project, literally hundreds of person-weeks were spent collecting information. And its a well-known fact that for every week spent gathering data in the field two or three times that amount are needed to describe, analyze and write-up the findings. These reports are then used as the basis for new ideas about the history of the region.

To make it easier to sift through the field reports and the analyses produced during the NOGAP Archaeology Project, we have organized these geographically. Select from one of the following research areas: