A Virtual Exhibit Tour

A museum exhibit is more than just a collection of objects in a case. Its a well- thought out combination of information, colours, textures, lighting and yes, artifacts.

The ceramic specimens which make up the exhibit "Gather Around This Pot", come from across Canada and have been arranged in the display case from west to east. If you click on the panels of the case, you will be able to learn more about the pots in that section of the exhibit.

This collection of ceramic containers is a very unique gathering of different pottery types from across Canada. Their locations are indicated on the map below. If you click on the numbered pot icon, you will access images of that pot and information about it.

The choice is yours.

Norton Check-Stamped Mackenzie Inuit Sourisford Clearwater Lake Punctate Kame Hill Plate Old Woman's Phase Selkirk Laurel Sandy Lake Blackduck Peninsula Woodland Saugeen Neutral Oval with Lugs Vinette I Ceramic Period II Clearwater Lake Punctate Cup

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