The Savage Island Pot
(BlDq-1, Vessel 1)

The Conservator's Assessment

"Three major rim sherds constituting approximately 2/3 of the rim, along with 3 lower sherds give approximately 3/4 of the profile. There are also 32 sherds and over 30 small fragments which could be from this pot or another from the same find spot. The pot is to be restored completely and reconstructed with plaster. The outside of the pot is to be cleaned. The pot is very fragile!!" Brian V. Arthur, January 1997.

The Treatment

-the six major sherds were all that could be found of this pot. These were put together with a high fiber adhesive
-the edges of the sherds were consolidated with a 20% solution of the adhesive in water
-the pot was reconstructed with plaster of paris
-the pot was painted with acrylic colours
-samples of the black incrustation on the inside of the rim were taken for future analysis