Specimen 15 - S2000-5676 - CD2000-159-008
Exhibit Specimen 15
(CMCC VIII-F:30432)

This near-complete, elongated "Parker Festooned" pot was found near Windsor by W.J. Wintemberg in 1935. Such ceramic vessels were manufactured during the Early Wolf Phase of the Western Basin Tradition. It was likely made during the XIVth century A.D. This pottery type had just about ceased to be made at contact with Europeans. It has been argued that the Western Basin Tradition represents a westerly extension of Ontario Iroquoian groups. Others have suggested that the bearers of this tradition were ancestral to historically-documented central Algonquian peoples.

Similar pottery containers from Ontario have only been found in areas adjacent to Michigan and suggest a strong orientation towards that region. The decorations were formed by impressing a toothed implement into the surface of the tempered clay. Others are made by applying strips of clay to the pot's surface.

Further Reading

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