Specimen 14 - S2000-5680 - CD2000-159-012
Exhibit Specimen 14
(CMCC AdHo-1:141)

The use of applique strips of clay added to the surface of pots in the late phases of the Western Basin Tradition is common. In this example, a strip was added just below the rim and notched. Three straps or handles (surely not functional) were added as well. The surface of this particular pot below the poorly-defined shoulder bears distinctive cord impressions. Their continuous nature from top to bottom suggest they were possibly left from a woven bag in which the pot might have been shaped. Along the neck, between the notched strip and a band of notches at the shoulder, long, angled incised lines.

This specimen was excavated in 1972 by L. Kroon. For this exhibit, the pot was completed restored as an earlier attempt did not meet display requirements. Details of this complex task are available in the Conservation section of this page.

Further Reading

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