Dugout Canoes Wave Eaters

Pacific Coast Dugouts -- "Northern" Style

Several of the Pacific Coast tribes who live between the northern end of Vancouver Island and the south coast of Alaska have used these Northern- or Haida-style dugout canoes. Their distinctive profile displays a strong curvature in the gunwales, which rise to high, truncated projections at both ends. In cross-section, they are rounded on the bottom and have sides that flare out below the gunwales. These extremely seaworthy canoes are sometimes decorated with painted figures.

Northern-style dugout canoe with painted figures on interior of hull and top of thwarts
Probably from Bella Bella, British Columbia, ca. 1900
CMC VII-B-1192
Northern-style dugout canoe with painted figures on prow and stern
Probably from Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, late nineteenth century
CMC VII-B-1126

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