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Raids by small groups of tribes from the interior driven by hunger posed a constant threat to the Tsimshian, as did major, but infrequent, raids by Haida and Tlingit from their islands to the west and north.

Kitwanga Fort - CD94-632-020 - K94-721 Model of Kitwanga Fort, by Arthur Price and Dr. G.F. MacDonald.

Tsimshian men built fort-like enclosures to protect their clans during times of invasion. The original Kitwanga Fort was built by the ancient warrior, Nekt, on a hill about 3 km north of the present village of Kitwanga. Nekt was a highly feared warrior who led raids against villages on the coast and on the Nass River. To defend against enemy raids, a fence of spiked logs was built around the five houses of his tribe. The logs could be released to roll down onto the invaders. The "man-crushing log" became a crest that was put on totem poles by some Kitwanga and Gitsegyukla families.