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Legend has it that Kitwanga was founded by survivors of the traditional flood. One group, of the Raven clan, had found refuge on a nearby mountain. After flood-waters receded, they descended and encountered a second group, of the Eagle clan, by the edge of the river. Together -- it being the custom that marriages had to take place between members of different clans -- these groups founded the village later known as Kitwanga.

Kitwanga - #101,589-B137
Kitwanga showing canoes drawn up at river's edge.

Front view of little totem pole (human form)
beside small stream, on the north side of
the Skeena River.
H.I. Smith, 1926

Kitwanga - CD96-742-016 - 65238
Oiling pole no. 4 with linseed oil.
H.I. Smith, 1925

Kitwanga - CD96-743-003 - 65299
Cementing in the base of pole no. 4.
H.I. Smith, 1925

Kitwanga - CD96-743-005 - 65301
Cementing in the base of a new pole supporting pole no.4.
H.I. Smith, 1925

Kitwanga - CD96-744-020 - 65388
Lowering a new pole into a groove
cut in the back of pole no. 10.
H.I. Smith, 1925

Kitwanga - CD96-704-026 - 59744
Semedeek, or Quaq,
Chief of the Eagles at Kitwanga.

Kitwanga - PA 11214
Skookum Charlie, medicine man, 1915.
Public Archives of Canada