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Tsimshian Society and Culture


Trade Routes

Village of Git'ilaasu - 
CD94-635-065 - S94-13718 The village of Git'ilaasu, strategically located at Kitselas Canyon to control canoe traffic on the Upper Skeena River.
(Gordon Miller, 1983)

Ocean trade routes were open to everyone, but inland trade routes were controlled by those who owned the territories near the waterways.

Goods being transported by canoe - CD94-632-008 - 101551 Goods being transported by canoe, ca. 1898.
I am now planning to have a picture of myself painted in some prominent place, together with all my copper shields. This must be a spot where all canoes pass and see.

Head Chief Legaic, ca. 1860

Legaic's face and copper shields were painted at the mouths of both the Nass and Skeena rivers to proclaim his absolute trading monopoly, which all Tsimshian tribes, as well as the Hudson's Bay Company, had to acknowledge through tribute payments.