Storytelling : The Art of Knowledge

The First Peoples of Canada recognize certain members of their communities for their ability as storytellers. The skillful art of storytelling is passed down from one generation to another by chosen, recognized or hereditary storytellers.

Some stories are shared at certain times of the year, in designated areas and on special occasions. As well, parents, family members and Elders share their knowledge with the younger generations in the course of their daily activities.

The stories we want to share with you here are from the Inuvialuit, the Algonquin, the Métis and Cree, the Nisga'a, the Abenaki and the Mi'kmaq. They are told through movement, song and dance, using symbols and imagination. They teach us about the origin of sacred objects and ceremonies, and our relationship to the animals, plants, rocks and each other.

This exhibit is a project of the interns in the Aboriginal Training Program in Museum Practices of the Canadian Museum of Civilization (now Canadian Museum of History).