The Rodeo Circuit

Herb Chisan, Nehiyaw from Saddle Lake, Alberta, putting on his face
Photograph by Morgan Baillargeon, CMC K96-2124

Every weekend from early spring to fall, Native rodeo performers have a chance to compete. They will sometimes travel to two or three rodeos in one weekend. Competition is offered at every level: high school, amateur and professional. Some rodeos are internationally known and have large purses, while others are small local rodeos or jackpot rodeos, where the entry fees are split among the winners in each event. In all events, Native people enjoy testing their skills against the animals they are given to rope, ride and wrestle. Whatever the outcome, whether success or disappointment, they share it with their family and friends.

Young rodeo fans, Quilchena Rodeo, 1996
Photograph by Leslie Tepper

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