Sacred Beings
Honouring the horse

Horse Imagery

Man wearing a beaded vest with horse imagery
CMC I-B-79

The image of the horse appears on everything from beaded or rawhide effigies to footwear, pipe bags, war lodges, war shields, medicine shields, pipe bowls, clothing, rawhide containers and sacred bundles. Occasionally, horses are symbolically represented by hoofprints shaped like U. These symbols may also represent scouting exploits.

Spokane women with beaded bags, c. 1900
O'Keefe Ranch and Interior Heritage Society F30-18

Certain Plains tribes sometimes viewed mules as very special animals. Tracks that may appear as horse tracks are sometimes described as mule tracks.

Tse-Tsehése-stahase horse tipi
Latter-Day Saints Archives p 1300/797
All Braves Society
Niisitapiikwan, 1913.
Note the beaded panel and the horse effigy on the riffle.
Provincial Museum of Alberta P104

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