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Brenda Heathershaw Wilson
Oglala Lakota
Scenic, South Dakota

Brenda Heathershaw Wilson and her husband, Ronnie, ranch in Scenic, South Dakota. Brenda has been sewing since high school, when she competed in ladies barrel racing and breakaway roping. A mother of four, she ranches, participates in rodeos, trains horses and takes part in several fashion shows in South Dakota. Her work is featured in the Ranching section.

Marquittee Heathershaw Bies
Oglala Lakota
Rapid City, South Dakota

Marquittee Heathershaw Bies has been sewing since she was a little girl. Here she is seen modelling one of her blanket coats, similar to the one on display in the Ranching section of the exhibit.

Gary Johnson
Lodge Grass, Montana

Gary Johnson, who is of Lakota ancestry, is known for his superb beadwork, and in particular for his Absalooka horse gear. Here he is pictured with a Métis frock coat, which he finished in 1996. He and his wife live in Lodge Grass, Montana, on the Crow Reservation.

Verna Pourier Heathershaw
Oglala Lakota
Rapid City, South Dakota

Verna Pourier Heathershaw began sewing as a young girl when she was in residential school. While ranching full time, she worked as a seamstress for many years. When her husband opened an upholstery shop, she joined him in the business but continued to make chaps, jackets and vests for her children, who performed in rodeos. Later, she began making wedding dresses and suits, and the famous Lakota star quilts. Her work is featured in the Ranching section.

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