Arts and Industries
Fashion Designers

Ruth Edmonds
Ashcroft, British Columbia

Ruth Edmonds began sewing at the age of twelve and helped make clothing for her family. Taught by her mother, Bella Antoine, she soon began designing her own clothing and making her own patterns. Ruth specializes in western-style shirts for men and women. She also does beadwork and basketry, and has recently opened her own store, Feathers of Hope, on the Ashcroft Reserve.

Laura Manuel
Upper Nicola, British Columbia

Laura Manuel sews for her family and also does custom work. She has made wedding gowns and graduation outfits, and has designed western-style shirts and dresses. She has taken courses at the Nicola Valley Technical Institute in Merritt, British Columbia, and participated in local fashion shows. Laura has also learned the traditional techniques of tanning skins. Her work is featured in the Ranching section of this exhibit.

Lucinda Bent
Lower Nicola, British Columbia

A young fashion designer, just starting out, Lucinda Bent works on her own and occasionally with Shannon Kilroy. Her designs and colour choices are bold, youthful, and exciting.

Eva Lizotte
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Eva Lizotte has been designing this line of popular western/Native quilted clothing for several years, and she can never seem to keep up with the demand.

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