Rodeo Events

Saddle Bronc

To qualify, the rider must have his spurs over the break of the shoulders until the horse completes his first jump out of the chute. He will be disqualified for touching any part of the animal or equipment, for losing a stirrup or for getting bucked off before the end of the eight-second ride. Each event requires a key component to achieve success, and for saddle bronc competition, this component is maintaining a good rhythm. In time with the bronc's bucking action, the rider spurs from the animal's neck, using a full swing, toward the back of the saddle with his toes pointed outwards.

The equipment required by the competitor includes his own regulation saddle, spurs with dull rowels, leather chaps and a braided rein.

Mike Heathershaw, Lakota, riding at the Crow Fair Rodeo, 1994
Photograph by Morgan Baillargeon CMC 94-828

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