The Rodeo Circuit

Relay race at the Ponoka Stampede, Alberta, 1997. — Carter Yellowbird, Nehiyaw, from the Samson Reserve, Alberta, is pictured on the right. Competitors change horses three times during this one-mile race.
Photograph by Morgan Baillargeon, CMC 97-332

Other Events

A number of events for children or the community in general are often held during rodeos. Teams of families or friends, or mixed teams of men and women, compete in wild-cow milking, calf undecorating, goat tying, steer decorating, cutting horse events, heavy horse pulls, rawhide races, and various horse races or relay races. An activity for children may involve collecting ribbons tied to a calf's tail. The winners often get a round of applause and a small cash prize or trophy, and each child may get a dollar for participating.

Calf undecorating — Dennis Samson and a friend are having some trouble pulling the ribbon off their calf. The cowboy is supposed to rope the calf by the neck and not the stomach. There will be a penalty imposed for this error. The woman must take the ribbon off the calf while her partner holds the calf still, then race to the finish line.
Photograph by Morgan Baillargeon, CMC K93-4142
Wild-cow milking, girls' competition, Chopaka, British Columbia, 1996
Photograph by Leslie Tepper

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