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Wood Mountain


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Lane and Joe Ogle

Joe Ogle (Ogle Sha)     WMHS

Joe Ogle
(Ogle Sha)

1904 -

    Joe Ogle, the youngest son of Hin Hotewin and William Hall Ogle was born at home in 1904. He attended the country school at Wood Mountain along with his brother Dick and his sister Lucy.
    By the time his father returned to live in England in 1919 Joe was already a proficient cowboy. For more than twenty years he worked in the arena as a pick-up man at various rodeos. He was especially skilled at roping and between 1935 and 1945 he won the calf roping contest at the Wood Mountain rodeo nearly every year. He roped all over Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
   Joe Ogle always trained his own roping horses. When asked how he did it, he said he gentled them. He never let them buck.    At age 93 he still keeps a small herd of saddlehorses for his grandchildren to ride when they come to visit.
    In 1927 Joe Ogle and Lena Krash were married. They had four children: Evelyn, Ruth, Lloyd and Bud. Joe and Lena celebrated their seventieth wedding anniversary in 1997 at the ranch where they continue to live.


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